Arcade Balcony Stool

$ 714.00

Type Stools
Item Number: 70144  
  Material: Batyline® Sling


Frame Finishes:
    Weight: 16 lbs Dimensions: 18.5"W x 22"D x 35.5"H SW: 18.5" SD: 17" SH: 25"

    Arcade evokes the sweeping feeling of vitality and excitement in a fresh new sling collection. Featuring a powder-coated aluminum frame with a contemporary tapered leg and new Mica or Umber SOL Teak™ accents, it articulates the concept that simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication. Arcade is constructed with lightweight Batyline® Eden Charcoal sling on a Sherwin-Williams® Black aluminum frame with new Mica SOL Teak™ armrest accents or Batyline® Eden Seagull sling on a Tiger Drylac® White aluminum frame with new Umber SOL Teak™ armrest accents.