Outdoor Fire Pit : 12'' x 42'' Burner

Outdoor Fire Pit : 12'' x 42'' Burner

$ 969.00

Collection: Outdoor Fire Pit

Dimensions: 12'' x 42''

Material: Stainless Steel

Detail: The North American brand 304 stainless steel burner comes with a propane and natural gas conversion kit, and 4 glass options. It can be used with the Monaco, Venice, & Hampton outdoor fire pits, and is also suitable for custom fire pits. The Picture Shows: 304 Stainless Steel 12'' x 42'' Burner, 80,000BTU, Clear Fire Glass (2 Bags), Flex Tube, Gas Hose With Regulator, Starter, And Ball Valve With Orifice.

Model Number: 30036-65