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About Vivere Hammocks Outdoor Furniture

Vivere outdoor furniture line was inspired when the company’s founder, Jason Stoter, first purchased a hammock in the west coast of Mexico. Inspired by the comfort and ease, Jason sourced hammocks crafted by skilled artisans from villages across the Yucatan peninsula and founded Vivere in 2002. With a passion for outdoor living, Vivere has demonstrated a steadfast determination in upholding the brand’s mantra, which is, “Relax the World”. Over a decade of exceptional success, the brand today has grown into one of the world’s leading distributors of hammocks, and strives to deliver innovative, high-quality outdoor lounge furniture of exceptional design. Constantly adapting to forthcoming trends, while remaining true to their tagline that “life’s better two feet up”.

Vivere Hammocks & Outdoor Furniture Product Line

High-quality crafted outdoor furniture and discriminate use of the best materials mark Vivere’s repertoire of premium outdoor living products. The brand’s aesthetic reflects ingenious design with inventive silhouettes for their hammocks and lounge chairs.  Vivere’s modern take on outdoor living reinvents relaxing in the outdoors. The brand’s innovative furnishings are specially designed to withstand outdoor elements. The Vivere double hammock is constructed from a steel frame and sports a powder coated finish, and can support the weight of two people with a weight of up to 450 pounds. Their inventory incorporates a diverse mix of cushions, pillows, and coordinating umbrellas in premium outdoor fabrics including polyester, 100% cotton, and Sunbrella fabrics. Cushions, pillows, and matching umbrellas are widely available in a range of colors to complement any existing furniture arrangement. Browse Vivere’s unparalleled selection of innovative furnishings which combine first-rate technology, comfort, and function.


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